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The Talon Performance Group (TPG) Logo was designed as a tribute to Rob's Army service.  In 1987, Rob was assigned to the 11th Aviation Group "Talons" in Schwabisch Hall, Germany as a UH-60A Blackhawk Pilot and Platoon Leader.  The Eagle Talons on the logo signify the strength and determination of the American Solider.  The mountains on the background represent the Swabian Alps that made up the local flying area in Southern Germany.  The black and gold colors are the Army Colors.  In 1990, Rob deployed to Saudi Arabia and participated in Operation Desert Shield and Desert Storm with the 11th Aviation Talons completing the first of multiple combat tours as a pilot.   That's how we got to our logo.  Play Well

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TPG Golf's state-of-the-art teaching center opened in January 2020 and was dedicated to Rob's dad George Bannon.  George was a life long lover of the game of golf and passed on his love and passion for the game to his son and grandchildren.  George was a skilled golfer who was a player coach on his 1948 High School State Championship Team at West Warwick High School in Rhode Island.  As a young athlete, George was best known for his boxing skills earning Golden Glove and New England Championship titles in 126 pound weight class.  After retirement, he routinely shot rounds in the 70's and shot his age multiple times including braking 80 at the age of 85. Thanks Dad for the gifts you passed to all of us. 


Take a tour of the facility.  Play Well


Coach Rob Bannon started TPG Golf in 2016 to bring the new age of golf instruction and performance coaching to players of all skill levels.  In 2020, TPG Golf opened a state of the art Golf Performance Center at Cimarrone Golf Club in Saint Johns, Florida to fully integrate player development programs and instruction at one location.  Rob is a former High School State Champion Golfer, NCAA Division II Collegiate Player, PGA Tour Canada and PGA Tour LatinoAmerica coach and retired U.S. Army Special Operations Officer who has developed a unique golf performance facility to improve scoring and take player consistency to the next level.  U.S. Military Special Operators master the basics and display relentless pursuit of excellence during training and mission execution.  Rob has integrated this philosophy into his golf performance center which is centered around six major performance areas.  The TPG GOLF system builds player confidence and trust on the course through performance oriented training designed to give players the tools to access their skills on the course during competition.  Rob's coached PGA Tour players, multiple high-level junior golfers, Touring Professionals, All-District and All-Region high school players and NCAA All-Americans over the past eight years and his player development model is based on the critical skills these players mastered to become elite level talents.  Rob has a degree in Golf Management from Keiser University, a Bachelor's degree in Biology and a Master's Degree in National Security and Strategic Studies,  He is a US Kids Golf Certified Coach and a fully accredited NFHS golf coach.  As a swing coach and short game instructor, Rob graduated from the School of Golf at Keiser University. He's a Scott Cowx golf cerified professional and also completed coaching golf's mental game educational training at Keiser University and GLT Golf to incorporate the most recent performance training techniques for players who want to take their game to the elite level.  He is a certified Mizuno Top 100 Club Fitter, Boditrak Certtified operator, FlightScope X3 fusion certified and Sportsbox AI 3D capture certified instructor.. 

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If you are a parent of a child of any skill level and interested in participating in our US Kids Golf Player pathway program please visit and schedule a meeting with Rob to get your family started in the program.

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